A Bucket List

So what is a Bucket List?  Have you heard of one?  Or even better, have you written one?  


Since naming the website (the longest name in the world), I've realised its not a term that everyone is familiar with.  I've also realised my website is not the easiest thing to explain, particularly to those who don't speak English.

Put simply, a Bucket List is a list of things that you'd like to do, or achieve before you meet your maker. 

It's completely specific and unique to yourself and of course your dreams, its not a competition, nor does it have to be anything crazy, it may be as simple as learning to drive, or going to the circus.  On the other hand, it may well be something crazy, like bungee jumping off the Eiffel Tower - it all depends on YOU!

Personally I'd not written a bucket list until relatively recently, always thinking I knew what I wanted to do, why bother to write it down?


It wasn't until speaking to a couple of my very good friends in Melbourne, Australia, who had just spent an evening writing their's, that I chose (under a great deal of pressure) to write my own.


Both my friends had said how amazing it felt and how inspiring and liberating it was! - admittedly they were highly intoxicated at the time - but I respected their opinions sufficiently, particularly whilst intoxicated, that I thought it was worth a go, and it has lead to this website and adventure, so I can't thank them enough!!!

I would implore you, one lazy day, or whilst bored at work to write a Bucket List, regardless of how normal, crazy, or far fetched your ideas, dreams and aspirations may be, its amazing how tangible they all become once you put pen to paper!

For myself I have a plethora of dreams and things I want to tick off the old list, I figure it's a numbers game and the more dreams you have, the better your chances of achieving them. 

Below is far from a comprehensive list, as I stated, Bucket Lists are very personal to the writer, for that reason, well that, and the fact I don't want anyone stealing a couple of my ideas, I have not listed everything.  It will however, give you a taste of what I am about.


So in no particular order:


- Learn Spanish

- Learn the Harmonica

- Cycle around the world

- Set up a sporting charity in Cambodia

- Motorbike or cycle Pan American Highway

- Visit all 52 states of America

- Step foot in the Playboy Mansion (not just sneak my foot inside the gate, again)

- Travel around Africa

- Visit China and see the Great Wall of China

- Go and participate in a legitimate American gospel church service

- Hitch hike

- Watch Nascar in Texas

- Own a real 10 Gallon cowboy hat

- Own authentic cowboy boots

- Watch an NFL game

- Watch an NBA game

- Go to a firing range, and fire a gun, obviously

- Travel through Mongolia

- Travel India

- Travel Burma

- Travel Japan and its islands

- See the sunrise from the top of a mountain

- Live with Monks

- Experience the great migration in Africa

- Live with a tribe

- Be credited in a movie eg "random drunk" or "policeman number 1"

- Take part in the La Tomatina - Spanish tomato throwing festival

- Learn how to make and toss a "proper" pizza in Italy

- Design, build and own a hostel

- Sell a piece of photography

- Drive a sports car around a track (not another transit van)

- Drive around Nürburgring

- Have someone waiting for me at an airport, with my name on a board

- Design and build my OWN campervan/mobile home

- Experience New Years Eve, in New York

- Return to Burning Man

- Host a camp at Burning Man

- Experience Sokran Water Festival in Thailand

- Walk across hot coals

- Pull a table cloth (successfully, ideally) from beneath a laid table

- See glass being blown and have a go

- Get Australian Citizenship

- Successfully surf a proper barrel!!!  

- Attempt some real surf and wave photography like - Clark Little

- See and help baby turtles hatch and find their way to the sea

- Be a dogs human

- Write a Book

- See the moment a leaf gives up the ghost and falls from a tree

- Create a photographic book

- Attain Scuba Dive Qualification

- Dive/snorkel with sharks

- Dive with Whale Sharks

- Make fire by hand

- Fell a tree and shout "Tiiiiiiimber!!!!!!!"

- Participate in a protest or march, for a cause I feel passionately about!

- Visit Petra, Jordan

- Visit Sri Lanka

- Visit Wadi Rum desert

- Visit Bethlehem and Jerusalem

- Travel to all countries in Central and South America

- Spend time in the Amazon

- Experience ayahuasca with specialist shaman in South America

- Learn to "sing" at least one, complete Gypsy Kings song in Spanish!

- Smoke a cigar & drink rum in Cuba

- Go to Carnival in Brazil

- Visit Timbuktu

- Visit Outer Mongolia

- See the Northern Lights

- Get the tattoo's I want

- Own a 60's Mini Cooper

- Own a 60's Vespa

- Visit both poles

- See Emperor Penguins in their natural environment

- See Black, Grizzly and Polar Bears in their natural environment (and survive)

- Ride a horse along a beach/through the sea

- Successfully busk 

- Climb a truly active volcano

- See lava

- See lava flow into the sea

- Get a World Record, absolutely anything, so long as its legitimate!

- Motorbike or cycle the coast of Vietnam

- Travel on the Tran Siberian Express

- Go Big Game Fishing

- Cage Dive With Great Whites

- Get Married

- Have babies 

- Have grandchildren 

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