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Updated: Aug 20, 2017

Seeing as it is now the best part of a year since I was meant to have buggered off on my adventure, I thought a wee update and an apology, were both WELL overdue!!!

Firstly, apologies for my ignorance and complete radio silence, however, an “awful” lot has happened in the passed year.  On which note, HAPPY NEW YEAR to y’all!!!! I hope you all had a fantastic festive period and may your 2017’s be full of love, laughter and adventure!!!!  

I think its fair to say that anyone who knows me, also knows of my abysmal time keeping (I’ve actually managed to miss a flight by two days before, but I blame that solely on Jamie!!!) and how highly optimistic my March/April 2016 departure date was!!!  Especially when you consider that at the time, I didn’t have anywhere near enough money, a bike, or a tent.  I still don’t to be fair, but I’m the closest I’ve ever been. 

So what’s been happening?  Well, since the last time I posted anything, I’ve turned the ripe old age of 30.  I had a magnificent evening, which my friends made sure I’d never forget, by getting me that drunk I could never remember, anything, from my cake, to leaving, or even actually arriving for that matter.  “Fortunately” there are lots of photo’s to jog my memory - like this pearler of Spen tying my hair to the railings - cheers mate!

Sadly, not long after this, my dear Granddad passed away, he had bowel cancer and a tumour and despite surviving surgery and even making good progress, he passed away in hospital and before I was able to get back to see him, which is something that really cut me up and I think always will!

However, I’d like to think my Granddad knew how much he meant to me and how much I loved him!!!  Speaking at his funeral, is without doubt one of the most challenging things I've ever had to do!!!  At the time, the last thing I wanted, was to put myself in front of people and have to talk, but out of love and respect, I felt compelled to. I also knew if I had not, I'd have lived to regret it! and I am not about regrets!!!

I’m extremely fortunate to come from a close family and was/am very close to my grandparents, as I’m sure you can imagine, this really knocked the wind out of my sales, it also rather changed my perspective on the ride, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to do the ride anymore, but I didn’t feel like putting myself out there and I completely chopped my social media, lacking the energy or motivation to do anything with it. 

As a result of my granddad passing and the fact I didn’t have ANYTHING in place for the ride, I felt it wise to postpone the ride until a later date.  Having always wanted to experience a New Years Eve in New York, I figured this was as good a place as any to start. 

The silver lining to this postponed date, was that I would be financially better off for the ride, having worked hard through the year and squirreled away as money as I could.  Although, that idea was somewhat impeded, by the fact that I was also now able to go on a mates stag do in Budapest, as well as three incredible weddings in the summer, one, a three day wedding festival in the Cotswolds, another, on Lake Como, Italy and the final, a little nearer to home, but beautiful wedding and location nevertheless at The Boathouse, Ormesby Broad. 

So everything was set, see Crimbo in with the familia, get my gear together and then bugger off for NYE in New York, what could go wrong???  Oh yeah, I also had the matter of a triple hernia. A result of the old emergency spleen op, back in 2013.  

To be fair they never gave me any grief, and if anything, they brought me and certainly my mates (who used to point it out to women) a great deal of amusement, as you can see I

had a particularly peculiar belly button (umbilical hernia), which doubled as my stress ball/button. 

Because I’m not a "normal" person and this therefore would not be a normal hernia operation, it took nearly two years from initial consultation, until meeting the specialist just prior to the op in November.


I obviously wanted to be fixed for the ride, but more over, I wanted to bugger off on the ride and was fully aware of the two month healing/recovery period, I asked the specialist, as many ways as I could, if there were any other options, other than operating.

As politely as he could, he diplomatically said, I’d be an idiot not to have the operation before the ride and that if anything happened whilst on the ride, it would result in emergency surgery!  Not always that easy if you’re in Outer-Mongolia or in the middle of the Andes, so I thought I’d take heed of his advice.

Basically I was to be house bound for at least a fortnight and extremely limited activities after that, well, that was until I received an email from one of my agencies, asking if I’d be available the following day for a Braun modelling job, which paid very handsomely, the only clause, I would have to shave my beard, down to the bone.   My 2 year old baby, be would be no more!!!  However, my wallet would be considerably heavier!!!

Given the fact that I planned to shave my beard off before the ride (for free) anyway, with the intention of letting it grow for the duration of the trip, I figured I’d might as well make some money out of it first!

Throw in a chilled Christmas and New Years with the family, a surprise Christmas present tattoo (thanks a lot ViVi!!!) for my Nanny and a few nights out with the bucks, back home in Norwich and that pretty much brings things up to date!

If any of you have soldiered on and managed to read this far (I applaud you - may I suggest you consider investing in Netflix?), you may be shocked and amused to hear that I am currently in talks with a bicycle and tent company, as well as a company which could prove to be a huge benefit to me hitting my fundraising target. 

Watch this space!!!!

Big up and big love to you all!!!!!

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