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Around The World On A Light Blue!

Updated: Aug 20, 2017

You may well wonder what a Light Blue is?  Although, based on the nature of my challenge, I'm guessing it should be relatively apparent!

The Light Blue is a Cambridge bicycle company (named after "the world famous university's, sporting 'colours'), first established in 1895, they happen to be the creators of the fine steed you see below:

I am ABSOLUTELY OVERJOYED and HIGHLY RELIEVED to finally be able to announce, that 'this' BEAUTIFUL bike - 'The Light Blue - Darwin' or 'The Black Beagle' as I have dubbed her, is going to be my friend, my confidante and most importantly, my mode of transport on my impending around the world adventure!

Since first dreaming up this mad hatched idea, whilst sat on the beach in Sihanoukville Cambodia, in 2012, I've had no doubt in my mind that it was going to happen.  I'm not sure whether thats through stupidity, ignorance, or pure stubbornness, (or an amalgamation of the three)?  Originally it was "only" going to be cycling from Sydney to London, but the idea has blossomed significantly since then!

However, to have such a prestige company, with such heritage believe in the ride sufficiently, that they are not just willing to put their name to the ride, but they're willing to support me and supply me with a bike as well.  For me, it has really legitimised what I'm doing and it really means the world!!!!

Speaking of which, It's a fairly integral piece of kit when you're wanting to cycle around it, so I really can't thank them enough!!!

I have made four journeys on on the beast (which rides beautifully) - thus far and I've learnt a lot!  On the first three journeys I learnt that my hands were cold and I needed gloves, that I don't like my own company and that my bum has no idea what its let itself in for and on the final journey, having had to push the bike home at night, I learnt that I need to invest in some lights!

In all seriousness though I couldn't thank the guys over at The Light Blue enough!!!!

Make sure to check them out and give them some support, they're a great company, which create some incredible bikes! 

What I'm Rolling on:

The Light Blue - Darwin Speedtour​

Frameset:  Tig welded Reynolds 725 Steel with Cr-mo steel fork 

Handlebar:  Genetic Zygote​

Tape/Grips:  Genetic Silicone Tape + Passport Navigator Grips 

Stem:  Genetic Juzzi 

Saddle:  Passport Pilot leather 

Seatpost:  Genetic Syngenic 

Gears:  Rohloff Speedhub 14spd Internal  

Crankset:  SRAM S1000 GXP 42T  

Pedals:  HT ANS01​

Dynamo:  SP PD8 Dyno Hub​

Brakes:  Avid BB7 

Rims:  Halo Vapour 32H 

Tyres:  Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour 47c 

Extras:  Cinq 5 Smart Plug  

With more BIG NEWS coming soon, make sure to check back and see whats happening with 'A Beard, A Bike and A Bucket List'!

Peace, Love and Harmony Y'all!!!!