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8 Weeks On The Road!!!

Updated: Aug 20, 2017

OK, so having been on the road for 8 weeks now - which really amazes me by the way!

Its  funny how little relevance, time, dates and days have when you have nowhere to be, no fixed plans or any kind of schedule to stick to! - but I felt it was about time I put some sort of update online (a feeling I have had for sometime now).


To be honest, as you may've noticed and probably realised by now, this is something I’ve really struggled with!!!!

I’ve been trying as best as I can to keep a journal, so I at least remember all the random situations, stories and moments I’ve gotten myself into, of which there have been a LOT!!!!  From wild camping and sleeping on park benches, to camp fires and camping in Unesco world heritage sites, being invited to live with families, eating with ex-professional racing drivers in Nürburg and even living with ex-neo-nazi's, all of which I intend on writing about soon, but I’m struggling to either find, or make the time for writing, which is something I really need to work on!

It’s not that I don’t have the time, quite the contrary, in comparison to most, this is probably something I actually have quite a lot of!

They say that "times is money!", but I prefer to look at it from the other perspective, which is "money is time"!!!  So when you spend £2000 on a flatscreen TV, or £20,000 on a car, don't look at it in terms of finances, but as a direct proportion to your time on earth!!!  Are you happy, willing and able to justify X-amount of your time on this planet, in order to make your next whimsical purchase???  

Either way, despite my bank balance not looking quite as good as I would've liked when I left the UK, I feel extremely fortunate and wealthy, if not also rather homeless!!!!

Going back, having never done any cycle touring prior to this (because I’m an idiot), I’ve struggled to get myself into a proper routine, which is something I really feel I need to work on going forwards, both for my own personal piece of mind (as I often feel a niggling, nagging at the back of my mind to write or document something), but also the success of the trip and therefore the trips main objective - raising awareness and of course money for the charity I’m trying to establish in Cambodia.


When you couple the above, with the fact that the Germans, despite their awesomeness in most aspects of life, whether sports, cars, sports cars, beer, wine, houses, punctuality, countryside, infrastructure or construction, they are WOWFUL at WIFI!!!!  

As a result of all of this, the fact my phone contract/internet-allowance is abysmal and that charging my electrical devices up until now (massive thanks LIFEPOWER - I’ll update on this soon) has been a real challenge, my documenting of the trip hasn’t been quite what I hoped, nor intended, but something I aim to work on going forwards, so you can expect more posts from me soon, however, I dare say they may be a little out of sync, but I think that was always going to be the case with the way my brain works, or doesn’t! - more appropriately! 

So, less apologising and excuses!!!  Whats happening and where am I now?????

At this precise moment (at the time of writing this) I am camped in a rather random garden/situation, in my beautiful tent (many thanks Vango for the support and for providing me with my house), unfortunately however, I am but feet from a bag of human poop, as a result of an uncommonly rich diet from my passed few days escapades. 

Most recently eating with fireman, at their fire-station in Worms-Herrnsheim, for one of the crew members retirement dinners, as I’ve said before, the trip thus far has been extremely random!!!!

I’m not sure if the randomness of my trip is a reflection of myself, or cycle touring in general?  Having never done any cycle touring, training, or research for that matter, I’m really unsure as to what a typical cycle tour looks like, or whether such thing even exists???  Either way, thus far the trip has been a seriously random baptism of fire and I’m “learning” through doing, or at least I'm trying to!

If you want to know what has lead to this rather unusual situation, check out my next blog, which I hope to have online soon!!!!!

Cheers for reading, much love and catch y'all soon! 

Peace Out! x

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