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Colombia is a truly beautiful and fascinating country, it has had it's troubles in the passed, but it is so much more than cocaine, cartels and Pablo Escobar.


It is famed for its incredible coffee and chocolate, as well as being one of the largest distributors of flowers globally, not to mention the beautiful landscapes, beaches and of course women!


Tourism is flourishing in the country and rightly so, there is so much to do and see, and it is a lot safer than you may imagine.  Medellin, which only 20 years ago was the murder and kidnap capital of the world, is now an extremely bustling, safe and friendly city and in recent years was named the "most innovative city" in the world as well as winning awards for it's sustainable transport.  Definitely a city and country I am keen to return to.


Having "self taught" myself how to use my digital SLR camera (Nikon D300), with LOTS of assistance from my partner in crime Jamie and I'm sure, many infuriating questions, mainly to do with the "F22 slidy number".  I managed to take and edit these images, unfortunately however, all of my other images where lost, when Jamie and I were both robbed on an over night bus in Ecuador - sadly putting a stop to our photography and my learning.


Jamie is one of my best mates and is almost certainly straddling the line between genius and insanity, which is one of the reason he makes such a good photographer, I'd recommend you check out his website, a link to which is below.

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