An occasional "model" (using the term loosely) and a fan of the odd foolish challenge, with a penchant for beards; a passion for travel and photography, and a mad hatched dream of cycling around the world, in order to set up a sporting charity in rural Cambodia.

For myself, I think it is vitally important to thoroughly enjoy our lives and try to help those less fortunate than ourselves whilst doing so!!!


No one knows what happens when those black curtains are closed behind us, the only thing anyone can be sure of, is that we have the hear and now!!!

I think I've always had a similar mindset, however, having nearly joined the infamous 27 club, following a rugby injury which left me minutes from death, with a ruptured spleen and 5 litres of blood (all of my circulatory blood) in my stomach, I think this mindset was cemented!

I genuinely feel very fortunate for this experience as it really makes you take stock, helps to get your priorities in check and makes you look at everything from a fresh perspective!!!

Don't wait until its too late!!!  Chase your dreams!!!  and if there is an aspect of your life you dislike, change it, YOU are the only one that can!!!  


If I can do this (touch wood), anyone, anywhere can do anything they dream of!!!! If not "Why Not!?!?!?"

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First and foremost this cycle trip is based on raising sufficient funds, that it is possible to create a viable, sustainable and required sports charity in rural Cambodia, giving the children & nation "A Sporting Chance" of a better future!

However it is also a huge, HUGE, personal challenge and adventure for myself, which is why I am so keen that it is completely self funded!  I want all donations made to help towards the charity.

With that said, I wouldn't be in the fortunate position I am, without the help and support of my sponsors and partners.


If you feel that by supporting me on my adventure, I could also help your business with yours, please contact me below!

The Gym
GLL Sport Foundation
Glenbrae Knitwear
PKW Accounting

Contact Me

I greatly appreciate any and all the help I have received thus far, and would be very interested in securing more support for the ride.  In exchange, I would be happy to road test and review products I use along the way, whilst ensuring I got some wicked pictures, videos and content for you.
Want to talk business, say hello, or just throw me some abuse, I shall look forward to hearing from you!!!!
All the best, A Beard, A Bike and A Bucket List!!!!

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